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Tai Chi Healing Institute

Makes a Great Gift for Self HelpTai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise for maintaining good health, spiritual growth, and disease prevention. It has been proven effective in healing the body and mind for centuries. The slow, beautiful movements and controlled breathing harmonize energy flow in the body. The martial application can also be used for self-defense in urgent situations. Continuous practice improves cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and metabolic functioning, as well as muscular flexibility and posture, and enhanced mental clarity.The Tai Chi Basics DVD helps people of all ages to learn Tai Chi efficiently and easily, and provides the foundation for all forms of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi 13 Movements is a great practice for beginners. The thirteen individual movement is a stationary practice of Tai Chi form. These are is a building blocks for learning Tai Chi in easy and enjoyable way. You become more familiar with Tai Chi movements after practicing this short form and get same Tai Chi benefits from practicing these movements. 

       Tai Chi for Seniors (Road to Longevity)
        This is a special form Tai Chi designed just for
senior citizen. It is graceful, relaxed, easily except by seniors. Practicing Tai Chi can improve energy, circulation, flexibility, balance, immune function and relieve stress. 
        It is one of the best exercise delaying aging
process. The movement is easy to learn and easy to practice and senior citizen very much enjoy this low impact anti aging exercise. 

This program is a combination of Qi Gong & physical exercise with step by step, detailed instructions. Known as “Chinese Yoga”, this combination is often prescribed by Chinese doctors as a self-healing method. In China, Therapeutic Qi Gong exercise is a daily prescription for health and longevity. A well-balanced body is thought to heal itself more efficiently, avoid illness and consequently delay the aging process. Through whole body stretching, correct breathing and self massage, one will feel the energy or Qi moving through their body.

This Qi Gong exercise is designed specifically for people who have chronic stress on neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. From daily practice, you will feel relief from your chronic pain and discomfort; you will also experience other benefits, such as better energy, better flexibility, better focus, and better mental clarity. If your discomfort continues after pratice for several weeks, you will need to visit your doctor for further investigation.