Qi Gong Healing Consultation

with Dr. Aihan Kuhn


Qi Gong has been used to maintain good health and healing for over 2000 years. It is still popular in the modern world, especially its effectiveness in relieving stress, relieving symptoms, and delaying aging. It is hard to believe that this simple, mindful inward practice can produce healing results. This ancient Chinese therapeutic methodology cultivates body, mind, and spirit. It is 100% natural and is effective in assisting in healing many ailments. Correct practice helps to reduce pain and aches, open nervous pathways, reduce stress, promote emotional balance, improve energy and immune function, and assist healing.

During the consultation, Dr. Kuhn will get information about your situation, diet, activities, sleeping, habits, and stress level; she then provides you with a plan for your healing journey. The plan and the homework provided are very important to your healing. If you are not willing to make changes, you may want to wait a while before scheduling your initial consultation (until you are ready.)


In-person consultation, the location is in Sarasota, Florida, close to I-75/Fruitville.

To schedule your in-person consultation, please send an email to ak@draihankuhn.com

Online consultation, you will receive a link a day before.

To schedule your online consultation please send an email to ak@draihankuhn.com


initial $150.00;

follow-up $100.00

Initial Consultation





Follow-up Consultation $100