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Daily Qi Gong For Energy Boost

One of the most important things we have to do is daily exercise. Daily exercise can help you boost your energy, promotes circulation, help your emotion, metabolism, and so much more. If you cannot go out to do exercises, indoor Qi Gong is a wonderful substitute. Here is a short daily routine for morning “wake up call”. You can feel immediate change after practice this sequence exercise.

This entire sequence is practiced in horse stance. For beginners, you can adjust your stance if you are tired. Repeat the sequence several times between 4 to 8 times depends on how much time you have in the morning, followed by stretching or other strengthening exercise.

1. Have your feet distance 1.5 to 2 times your shoulder width. Inhale and raise your arms from side of your body. As you exhale, your arms come to the center in front, then downward to the front of your hips making a fist. At the same time, lower your hips so your body goes into a horse stance.

2. Inhale, and raise both hands in front of your chest crossing your forearms. Then, open your palms upward and move your arms to the side of your body. Circle forearms through the space cloes to your ear, exhale and push foward.

3. Take a deep breath, relax your palms. Exhale and lower your hands in front of your body. Inhale, and while making fists bring your hands to your waist. Exhale, open palm move hands down while fingers are pointing downward.

4. Inhale, move palms up, with your palms facing up. Exhale, bring your hands close to your chest. Make a fist, then move your fists downward. This is the end of the sequence.

Repeat these movements for 4 to 8 times. You will have immediate feeling of gaining energy level, clarity, and grounded. You can also visit my website view video clip for this group exercise:

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