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My PSA has dropped 41% in 3 Months

I started seeing Dr. Aihan Kuhn on Feb. 2, 2016. I had been diagnosed with Stage T

1C prostate cancer on 12/31/2015. My PSA on 12/16 was 9.82 and had been rising steadily from 5.7 in 2013. The options for treatment that I was given from my urologist and oncologist were surgery or radiation. After learning of the dangers and side effects of these treatments I decided to seek an alternative plan.

The plan I wanted to follow was to treat my cancer as a chronic illness and manage it on a daily basis. Dr. Kuhn was very receptive to my wishes and was very confident her treatments would enable me to control my cancer and avoid the life changing side effects of conventional treatments. On that first visit Dr. Kuhn explained to me that that Chinese medicine is a cooperative therapy, the doctor and patient must do their part for the treatment to be successful.

I learned Chinese medicine was very personal, the doctor must get to know the patient to determine why energy is not flowing through the body. In my case, stress was causing my body to be out of balance, casing blockages in my body, especially around my prostate and hips. We started on a treatment of Qi-puncture and Qi Gong massage along with Chinese herbs and Qi Gong exercises. The plan was to continue to see Dr. Kuhn for 3 months, do my exercises on a daily basis and try to balance my life to handle stress better and then have another PSA done.

After 3 months of treatments Dr. Kuhn felt My body had changed for the better, much more flexible and relaxed and was confident my PSA would reflect that improvement. Well, she was right! My PSA on May 6, 2016 was 5.75, a 41% drop after 3 months of treatment. I am very pleased with the result and feel I am on my way to controlling my prostate cancer and avoiding the negative life changing effects of conventional treatments. Chinese medicine is working for me and I am confident it can help many others if one is willing to work at it on a daily basis

Tim Johnson

May 12, 2016

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