What is Dao?


Dao, translated to Tao, is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is the absolute principle underlying the universe.  It combines the principles of Yin and Yang and signifies the way (or code of behavior) that is in harmony with the natural order.  Dao is the natural phenomenon and spontaneous happening that cannot be named or described, nor twisted. Dao is the wisdom, the intelligence of human behavior, and the Way.  You win if you go with the flow of Dao, and likewise the opposite is true, you would have more problems if you go against the flow of Dao.


Daoist practice has two parts: a philosophical part and a religious part. In China Daoism is practiced religiously throughout temples. However, the majority of practitioners focus on the philosophical side of Daoism, and now it is practiced all over the world. This philosophical side is the area that our organization Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute  focuses on.

How Daoist Practice can Benefit Us


Daoism helps us to see things clearly, let go of worries and remove stress easily, and increase our awareness more efficiently.  Daoism helps to improve emotion, relationships, leadership, intuition, a more logical way of thinking, and health. Daoism can help those who practice it become healthier and happier in their lives. It brings a sense of balance to individuals, and with that balance peace and harmony follows.

How You Can Become Involved


Our organization’s aim is to help people learn and be able to practice Daoism.  We organize meetings every month where members can come together and learn more about the Daoist philosophy.  There are two type membership: regular membership and executive membership, which is also a leadership.  All members will receive our newsletters, and be updated regularly on when our study meetings and outdoor practices will be taking place, and information on annual healing event. By becoming a part of this organization, you will be on your way to a happier, healthier, you.