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Women’s Healing Wisdom


Sat. July 29, 10AM to 12:30 PM

Zoom meeting


A healthy woman is considered well-balanced, wise, calm, capable, confident, and fit holistically. To reach this goal, the path starts here. This unique program provides an opportunity for women to learn healing wisdom, experience healing practice, begin the journey, and shine after.


The style includes lectures, discussion, practice, and special exercises for women. Learning the ancient healing wisdom, participants will have a fantastic feeling, relaxation, rejuvenation, and bring home smiles and peace. In addition, participants will gain skills in problem-solving, leadership, skills for stress management, and knowledge of self-healing techniques. Wisdom can also help maintain relationships within the family and with others.  



Women of all ages looking for healing wisdom, better health, happiness, stress management skills, or better relationships. Also suitable for holistic practitioners who can use it for themselves and help their clients


Fee: $65.00 per person

Refund Policy:

90% refund if you cancel two weeks before class starts;

70% refund if you cancel less than seven days before class starts;

No refund if you cancel less than three days before class starts, but you will have full credit for the next course or other courses.


Hi Dr K.

Just want to take the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your class last Saturday. I have five pages full of notes, and find myself going back to them almost daily. I've taken a few life-style improvement classes over the years, but your talk was jam-packed with insightful guidance and pointers. Some of the notes that resonated: internal strength, soft power, don't have to be a 'normie', guidance is invisible teaching, avoid perfectionism, managing emotions, fresh air, never regret, never stop learning, be observant, listen, there is always a way - and things change and can for the better. The list goes on and on - gold-dust advice. Last but not least - thank you for all the Qi Gong you continue to teach us, and for that morning ritual video you sent out! 

--Jen, from MA

"I had the privilege of participating in Dr. Kuhn's program "Women's Healing Wisdom".

My biggest takeaway was how much healing we can do if we listen to our body's innate intelligence. I should be patient, flexible and focus on life, not illness. We are all connected and each of us has a responsibility to become the best version of ourselves. I really enjoyed the morning and meeting the other women. At the end of the program Dr. Kuhn demonstrated her morning Qigong routine and we left feeling revitalized.

--Jehanne, from FL"


Thank you for this download. It's always a pleasure to take part in your teaching. The topics you covered were all very timely and valuable for women to learn about. I very much appreciate your True Wellness series and hope you may address women's health in that format with Dr.  Catherine Kurosu.

--Clair from MA

Hi Aihan:

Thank you for a wonderful Women's Wisdom Healing Seminar your teachings, wisdom, energy healing, and wonderful people in our group:    I am glowing, and feel so wonderful with your help in guiding me to path right for me, as the Way of the Dao, going with our own energy flow, how to ask, compliment, without conflict.  I am grateful of your wisdom, teachings, and wonderful , healing for my life, and for me to share as Qi Gong / Tai Chi Instructor with others in healing.   

Thank you! --Kathleen


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