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Cancer Healing the Natural Way

Dr. Aihan Kuhn


Cancer is not as terrible as you think, but it can be terrible if you are terrified, scared, and depressed. These negative emotions can cause blockages in your body's energy pathways, which are obstacles to healing. But how can we remove these obstacles? This is what I do, to provide you with "How."


First, we need to have a holistic mindset. Cancer healing is not just about chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgeries; these can help remission but cannot heal cancer. The holistic mindset allows you to improve your health in every way such as your diet, your activities, knowing how to deal with daily stress, your balanced lifestyle, your emotions, your immune function, your energy level, and your happiness index. In Daoist healing, we say, "There is always a way."


In natural medicine theory, cancer is from the stagnation of Qi in the body and energy pathways. If the person gets treatment from conventional medicine without removing the stagnation of Qi, cancer can return anytime after remission. If we work on our energy pathways and keep these pathways open, our organ system is balanced; the cancer is less likely to return. This is why some people stay in remission for a lifetime.   


Some people may be afraid of trying new things. They prefer to follow the traditional way through conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other drug therapy. That is fine, but there is more needed to heal. Natural methods emphasize prevention, and preventive work helps avoid cancer relapse.


Strictly using conventional chemotherapy or radiation therapy without a holistic approach is like  doing business and having a great sales team without a customer service team. Use holistic healing as complementary care and self-care, and healing is coming. Natural methods for self-care help restore physical/emotional balance, improve immune function, allow your body to heal, allow your immune cells to fight cancer for you, and minimize side effects from drugs.


Our body is an amazing entity that has remarkable power. When you carry positive energy all the time, the body can heal. When you carry negative energy all the time, the body declines.


To learn more about healing strategies, you can register for a 3-hour Zoom class on June 24. By learning, participants can also use these healing methods to help family members or friends who have cancer or use this knowledge to help to prevent cancer. See the information below.

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