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Instructor Training Certification Courses 

Please Note: 

Regarding Instructor Training Certification Courses


We at Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute have two types of Instructor Training Certification course:


  1.  Qi Gong Instructor Training Course (Level I and Level II).

  2.  Tai Chi Instructor Training Course (Level I)

Certificates are issued to students who complete the full course. Certificates are valid for two years.

After two years, students can renew their certification in any of the following ways:


- Take the Level II course, (in the case of Qi Gong,)

- or, take the Tai Chi training course. 

- or, participate in an instructor enhancement class - which will be scheduled periodically.

- or, arrange for a one-hour private class with Dr. Kuhn.

Please use the links below for more details, or to register:

Qi Gong Instructor Training Course - Level I

Qi Gong Instructor Training - Level II   (Zoom Course)

Tai Chi Instructor Training Course - Level I

  Combination Home-study and Zoom review

Note: TQHI Members may register on the Member page to receive their 5% discount.

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