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New Year Resolution: Having a Balanced Life

Dr. Aihan Kuhn

“I am out of balance…,” “I am so out of balance…” I have heard this comment so many times in the past years. This is not about the person with a physical balance issue like falling; it is about being out of balance in life. Many negative things may happen when you are out of balance in life. For example, you may be feeling stressed or anxious, have sleeping problems, have a low energy level, emotional ups and downs, or often get sick. It is like a vicious cycle that goes nowhere except getting worse.

In holistic healing, we learn to go with nature’s pattern: The Yin and the Yang, seeing the two sides in everything. We understand if there is down, there will be up; if there is stress, there will be a way to destress; if there is too much, we will reduce it; if there is pain that makes us uncomfortable, we will find a way to make ourselves more comfortable. We emphasize finding a way to balance our body and life, which is vital to happiness and longevity.

During this holiday season, we can undoubtedly use this wisdom to keep us balanced so that we can enjoy our lives and holiday celebrations.

Here are some tips that may help you keep yourself balanced:

  1. Holiday Diet:

Use your mind to choose the right foods and drinks and avoid overeating or drinking.

  1. Move your body:

Make exercise a daily routine. If you don’t want to go out, you can practice Qi Gong exercise at home to keep a good energy level and immune function. Be careful because it looks like COVID cases are increasing.

  1. Embrace change:

Many people are afraid of change. Change may bring good fortune if it is in the right direction. There is a saying, “When one door closes, another door opens.” Don’t you see many changes in our lives from being teenagers to now?

  1. Making a plan for 2024:

Make a plan. Set a goal. The plan does not have to be big; it can be “I want to feel better, happier. Here is what I want to do….”  If you have weight issues, you can also make a plan to reach your optimum weight. Planning to learn something can be very rewarding because knowledge can make your life easier. Making a plan to create something is a good brain exercise.

  1. Dealing with medical issues:

There is no need to be frustrated if you have a medical issue. We all have some physical issues in our bodies as we are getting older. You will need to deal with it without negative emotions. This is because negative emotions make your problem worse. Positive emotion helps to heal. If you want to do something for yourself, learn/practice Qi Gong should be your first choice. For self-study at home, you can get a video from my website: You can also get my book “True Wellness” from Amazon. This book will help you to understand how to improve your health.

Remember the importance of “Balance,” a balanced lifestyle brings you joy, health, happiness, and a better future.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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