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Qi Gong Instructor Training Course - Level III

Combination Home study and Zoom

Dates: TBD

Course Overview

You will learn causes for diseases of the heart, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia and cancer. You will be taught healing strategies (including diet instruction) and special Qi Gong techniques for assisting in the healing of these diseases.

In addition to theory, participants will learn several Qi Gong forms: Qi Gong for open channels, Qi Gong for Assisting healing of Heart Disease and Hypertension; Qi Gong for Diabetes and Weight Problems; Qi Gong for Assisting Cancer Healing.



After completion of this training course, you will be able share these healing strategies and exercises with people and help people engaging their healing journey. Qi Gong level III certificate will be given after training.


Course Prerequisites

Candidates: Participants have completed Qi Gong I and II from Dr. Kuhn's training and have been teaching Qi Gong at least over two years. Please contact us if you have any questions.

*Refund policy:

90% refund if you cancel two weeks before class starts;

70% refund if you cancel less than seven days before class starts;

No refund if you cancel less than three days before class starts, but you will have full credit for the next course or other courses.

*Attention Institute Members.  Please sign in to the Members Only page and pay there to receive your 5% discount.


I recently had the incredible opportunity to complete the Level III Qi Gong Teacher Training course via Zoom with Dr. Kuhn as our knowledgeable and inspiring instructor. This training has been nothing short of a life-transforming experience, and I am grateful for the depth of wisdom and expertise that Dr. Kuhn shared with us.

From the very first session, Dr. Kuhn's passion for Qi Gong and her dedication to empowering her students were evident. Despite the virtual setting, Dr. Kuhn's ability to connect with each participant personally made the experience feel intimate and supportive. The course curriculum was thoughtfully designed, covering advanced QiGong techniques, and also delving into the intricacies of energy flow and healing.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kuhn's Level III program. It's a transformative experience that goes beyond the virtual classroom, leaving you with a profound sense of knowledge, and the skills to work with others in support of their healing process. Thank you, Dr. Kuhn, for sharing your expertise and passion with the world while also making it fun!

Mike G. Chattanooga, TN


"I highly recommend Dr. Kuhn's Level III Qigong Instructor Training online to all Level II qigong instructors. It supplied me with the right knowledge and techniques to address many common health concerns that my students have asked for help with in the past. I waited several years for this level to be offered online and was very pleased with the results. Dr. Kuhn knows what is needed to become a more complete teacher and healer."

-- Chris Whitaker, Kingston, NY


Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year! ❤️ Chris


"Dear Dr. Kuhn,


        I just want to Thank You so much for Teaching the First ever Level 3 QiGong Teacher Training Online!!  This Training went so far beyond what I could have imagined!  Online home study worked Amazingly!  Each of Your Live Classes were packed full of Incredible information, and all the Qigong we learned was so Helpful and Practical!  You especially gave us Guidance, and Confidence to bring these teachings to others, so we can help even more People, now at a Greater Level!!  Your Hand out was extremely Helpful and thorough, and gave very good outlines, and pointers to help us remember, and Practice!!  I would Highly Recommend this Online Training to others!  I hope they too can benefit from an Online Level 3, and become more Confident Teachers and help bring QiGong out to the World!!!  The more Qualified QiGong Teachers we Have the Better!!  Your online Level 3 will help manifest that Dream, and help make this world, a Happier, and Healthier Place filled with top Quality QiGong Teacher’s!!  Having the Recordings of the Forms also was a big help!!  I could not have asked for a Better Teacher, or Group of Students to have gone on this Journey, and Training with!!  Thank You So much, and I look forward to my next chance to Learn more from You!!  Stay Safe, and Well!!   Happy New Year!!  Take Care!!


Piers W. Ashland, MA"

"I recently completed Dr. Kuhn’s Zoom Level 3 Qigong instructor’s class. The class was outstanding due to the fact it built upon the first and second instructor levels and introduced us into Dr. Kuhn’s specific holistic treatment for clientele. The class contents showed that a great deal of thought, care and experience went into making it. She was open to discussion and questions from the participants and wanted to ensure we had an understanding of the class materials to the point of extending the class time, if needed, for questions and further discussion. Upon completion it provided me with the confidence to work with my class participants or others who have particular health issues. She covered ways to diagnose conditions, the meridians and Qigong movements which could improve their well being, the types of foods which inflame the body and healthier choices based upon their illness or concerns about prevention of such illnesses. The other components in class covered emotional well being, appropriate exercise or lack of, and individual genetic makeup. Overall it was an excellent class that not only will help me to consider those I teach, but my own health as well."

Dear Dr. Kuhn,


A warm thank you for the great class we had recently. The first online Level III class was welcomed by many of us in attendance. Aside from the convenience of the online class, the training had a lot of information organized in a balanced way between theory and qigong exercises, emphasizing the holistic approach which I enjoyed very much. I liked the focused, nicely structured information about  using QiGong and TCM for healing chronic ailments. The theory, the details, the reinforcement of the holistic approach and the qigong exercises gave us nice packages of information that we can use in our practice and in working with students. Much to learn!. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful class, for your dedication and support.


Happy New Year, with a lot of health and abundance.


Also, I wanted to post the following, but could not find / remember how to do it.


This is to highly recommend the Qigong Instructor Level III class which was recently offered online. The class spread over a month with weekly meetings and  time to study and practice. There was a lot of very useful information,  with practical, theoretical details and specific qigong exercises with an overarching reminder of holistic approach and living in the DAO. This class takes us to a next level of study and practice, for personal benefit and in working with the students. This is a must take class on your journey as a qigong instructor. 


Thank you,


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