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Daoist Study/Discussion Meetings:


  • Zoom meeting starts at 2:00 pm  US eastern time on the last Sunday of each month except August and September.

Free to Members, if you would like to try a free meeting, please contact us

To become a member click here

Zoom meeting is globally available.

Meeting agenda:

1. Practice Qi Gong

2. Study/discuss one chapter of Dao

3. Discuss solving real-life issues using Daoist wisdom.

Why Do we Continue to Study the Dao?


  1.  We can use Daoist wisdom to keep our stress low.

  2.  Helps us deal with things with our best attitude.

  3.  Reminds us to keep on the path, not to be distracted.

  4.  Helps us to understand that we cannot control others, but we can control ourselves.

  5.  Reminds us to be natural and spontaneous, not to go against natural flow, to avoid being hurt.

  6.  Continue to have a quality life.


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