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The Road to Happiness

Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Many things in life can affect our emotions and make us unhappy. Some people search for happiness for a lifetime; others try to cope the best they can. Some people are not able to manage well and end up taking medication. Some use alcohol or drugs to cope; some even end their lives. But many people can find a way to change their energy that leads to happiness.

In Daoist healing, I often tell my students and patients, "There is always a way." Dao is the way. It may seem obscure and not easy to understand, but it is everywhere on this planet and in our life. The way of Daoist practice can change our life and health. Some people have learned from reading but do not often put it into practice for whatever reason. Dao is wisdom, a living philosophy, a guide, intelligence of the universe, and a natural process.

When a person is not happy, many things may be the cause:

  1. Your mind may be troubled or disturbed by negative things happening currently or in the past;

  2. Your physical illness affects your emotion.

  3. Things did not happen as you expected.

  4. Your negative thoughts are going in circles that have no end.

  5. Your energy flow in the body is blocked and stagnant.

  6. Others did not appreciate your work.

  7. You have a strong desire that makes life complicated.

  8. Problems from a family member.

The list can go on and on because we live in a complicated world that is much different from 30 years ago. The good news is there is a way to reverse this. I am here to provide some practice information and Daoist wisdom; hopefully, some of you may benefit from it.

Build a Positive Mind:

Keeping a positive attitude is not easy, but it is possible and can be learned. Everything has two sides: good and bad. If you focus on good things, you will participate in suitable activities, social or other activities. If you focus on negative things, you amplify them and become more negative, affecting your emotion negatively. When you have a positive mind and attitude, people like you and may help you when needed. If you are negative, the energy can reject people.

Don't be Afraid of Hard Work:

Hard work can be a good learning experience: the more you do, the more you learn; the more you learn, the better you do. If you enjoy your work and are good at it, it can be rewarding, even if it is hard work. If you don't enjoy your work, perhaps you did not find the right occupation. Working and relaxing need to be balanced. Be sure to find that balance. This does not mean you should drink alcohol or use substances to relax. The balance should be nurturing, such as resting, enjoying nature, exercising, listening to music or playing music, reading, singing, re-organizing, or anything unrelated to work. If you work hard without balance, your body will decline sooner or later.

Helping Other People:

Human beings have a long history of helping each other. People who tend to give or help others are generally happier, and those who tend to take or are unwilling to help others are less happy. When you help other people, you create positive energy and produce good results, and you get a psychological reward from your giving and helpfulness. Your positive action makes others feel good and happy, and they see you as a good person. The more you help, the more rewarding from a different source.

Avoid Over Analyzing or Over Thinking:

Human nature is trying to figure out or analyze things that relate to innate human intelligence. But overanalyzing things may result in the opposite effect, which I call "derailed." In Daoist philosophy, humans and nature are all connected; everything in this world is connected; everything happens for a reason. Problems are being solved for a reason, and problems cannot be solved for a reason. When problems cannot be solved, it is better to let go and let nature solve them. Nature always has a way of solving things. The harder you try, the more stress you carry, and the less happy you become. And you waste your precious energy and time. We cannot control everything and cannot predict everything, but we can control ourselves.


Forgiveness is very powerful in healing. Forgiveness and letting go often work side by side. Letting go takes practice and needs mindful practice. When you practice forgiveness,  you feel free and light; you create positive energy. You can let go of negative energy, and you can move forward. We all make some mistakes in our lives, and we all learn from our mistakes. Forgiveness and love go together; love can create forgiveness, and forgiveness can nurture love. 

Living with Dao:

Living with Dao is a rewarding journey. It helps us to be natural and spontaneous; it helps us see things from a wider angle and have a clear view. It helps us to be accepting, tolerant, appreciative, and positive. It helps us to relax in a stressful society and keep harmony in our life, health, and work.

Dao teaches simplicity, connecting to the universe; being rooted, grounded, and unaffected by the complicated world. Dao teaches us to be content, think inward, be observant, and be non-competitive. By simplifying our life, we have time to enjoy life, to nourish our body and soul, and then, happiness comes along.

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Continue Learning and Being Open-minded: 

Learning and healing go side by side. The more you learn, the greater understanding you will have. The day we stop learning is the day we are dead. Learning has different styles: being observant and quiet, reading, going to school, taking classes, searching, doing, trying, being a good listener, etc. We all can find the best learning style for ourselves. Learning involves work, and this kind of work makes us continue to grow and improve. Our lives become more positive from continuous learning.

Practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi:

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are great exercises for human healing and prevention, and many people don't understand the power of these exercises. These exercises change our health, energy, and emotion, and it helps to improve our immune function, reduce stress, add mental clarity, and delay the aging process. Practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong connect our body and mind, restoring the person's wholeness and happiness. 

You can find more information in my books "Natural Healing with Qi Gong," "Tai Chi in 10 Weeks", and "True Wellness." These books can be purchased from the Amazon website and YMAA publication.

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We need Tai Chi and Qi Gong; we need more well-trained teachers of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Taking the training course can not only benefit your health but also helps other to feel better.

Happiness comes from our mindful practice.

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