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A Note from My China Trip

I just visited China after 4 years Covid restriction. This is the first time I saw my grandson who is 1.5 years old.  In addition to seeing him, my son and my daughter in law, I also had great pleasure spending time with my family they are my two sisters, two brothers, and my cousins joined us taking over night train from Shanghai. We spent a week in a mountain area where is 3.5 hour car ride from Changsha.

We eat, chat, catching up, hiking, sightseen, and playing the card game. But the most important thing is that we are together in harmony for the entire week. I really miss this part.

China seems changing all the time. Every time I went to China saw something different: new roads, new subway line, more new restaurants, more delicious new foods and creative non-alcohol drinks. The endless flavor of foods is a big draw people to Changsha from all different Province, therefore this city become very crowded and famous for delicious food. I am amazed to see so many people coming to Changsha just want to taste delicious food and drink and experiences Changsha’s charm.  I, had blast with delicious food and fabulous non-alcohol drinks. Off course I gained a few pounds. But I can lose these few pounds in a few weeks.  I did not want to miss the opportunity to have the food experience.

Delicious food is very important in life, because it is a big boost to our emotion and great for our brain. Thinking about when you had food does not taste good, what you feel?

In the beginning step into Chinese land, I had a hard time going through the crowds with so many people everywhere. But within a week, I got used to it. After over a month living in China and came back to US, I also had hard time live in such quiet place, did not feel the energy, and not much human interaction.  But within a week, I got used to it.

Talking to family and friends from high school, College, and others, I noticed something, many people are content, satisfied regardless of what is going on in the world. They have plenty of food, clothes, place to live, and enough money to live, to travel.  I assume they practice Dao without knowing much (some people) about Dao.  They understand one thing: you have no control of it, let go and move along.

China is a big country with many beautiful places, some natural some man made. Travel within China become very common. Transportation in China is amazingly convenient, the most popular is high speed trains that goes everywhere in China, and sometimes you have to get ticket in certain time because it sold out quickly.

Another important thing in China is human connection and interaction. People love to get together.  This may be a missing puzzle in this society: we don’t have much connection in person; but we have plenty communication on internet. When we are together, we feel the energy of the person, we laugh, we joke, share experiences, and we share food. If we let go of restrictions in our mind, we may feel free and enjoy more of human connection.   

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