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The Energy of Spring

Dr. Aihan Kuhn


In Chinese Medicine's Five Element theory, Spring is represented by the Wood element that arises from the potential energy of Water, just as plants sprout from the ground in spring rains. This is the 'new yang' stage of the cycle. Wood energy is expansive, exhilarant, and explosive. It is the creative energy of 'spring fever,' awakening the procreative drive of sexuality. It is associated with vigor and youth, growth, and development. In the human body, Wood energy is related to the movement of muscles, tendons, and the activity of tissues. Its color is green, the vibrant color of spring growth. Wood energy demands free expression and space for open expansion. Blocking this energy gives rise to feelings of frustration, depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, Qi stagnation, and other emotional imbalances.


Therefore, Spring is the time to keep our Meridian pathways open, nourish our muscles and tendons, and balance our emotions.


Joining our Wellness class on Zoom can bring joy to life, change our health, develop knowledge in holistic health/healing, and help provide a smooth transition from Spring to Summer.

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