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Tai Chi Instructor

  Re-Certification Course

Date: TDB

The Tai Chi instructor certificate is for a two-year term. Every two years, the instructor will need to take the Re-Certificate course to maintain quality teaching and see good results in their students. 

Requirement: Participants have completed Dr. Kuhn’s Tai Chi training course in the past, or certified by other organization have been teaching Tai Chi 24 Step Yang style for more than two years.

This course will explain more fundamentals, teaching techniques, details of each movement of Tai Chi 24 Steps, how to teach beginners during the middle of the session, retain students satisfaction, and effective ways to keep their students coming back to the class. All questions that instructors have built up from their teaching will be answered.

Participants should have a notebook to record essential tips during the class.

Dr. Aihan Kuhn will teach the course, and the certificate will be issued by Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute.









Re-Certification Session

The Zoom format that you used was very beneficial and well organized. Having you watch each of us during the session helped me to learn from others and recognize some of my “habits.” It liked being able to practice the specific movements while you were watching others in the training. I intend to work on the points that you made, especially about the flow of the movements.  I discovered that several of my forms need a “tune-up,” one being High Pat on Horse.  I found that I had developed a habit of thinking of that movement as being not much more than a transition from Single Whip to Right Kick.  As I review the 24-form in the coming week, I intend to watch out for each of the “transition” movements and make sure that my weight shifts are smooth and connected to the breath.

In my class of beginners at an independent living facility this morning, I used the advice you gave as we practiced cat walking.  This seemed to give some of them much more confidence and control.  I have a very fit 100-year-old woman in that class!  I wish you could see how enthusiastic she is about studying tai chi. She is determined to do it “right”, so I was glad to have that tip from you about the “cat walk.”

The instruction you gave about the specific weight shifting in the turn and punch was very beneficial.

I liked your instruction about the sideways “cat walk,” specifically about the strength and control needed for the closing step.  I had not thought about that before and began practicing it this morning.

Thank you for offering this very beneficial Zoom Re-certification session!  I hope to take the Qigong Instructor Level I course with you in the spring!

My best wishes for your continued good health, Dr. Kuhn!

Beth G. From Pennsylvania, USA


 Dear Dr. Kuhn:


Thank you for your wonderful teachings , principles, details, refining of Tai Chi Instructor Training in our Course for Renewal of Certification. A great course, making a huge difference for me in practice, and for teaching.

I am so grateful with big improvement, understanding of how to do movements correctly for good benefit in my practice, and for sharing/teaching.

Grasp Bird's Tail - improved so much. Your showing going into parting horse's mane turn body slightly, slowly, gentle energy, slowly - I give in my class. Thank you!  After pick Needle at Bottom of Sea into a Flash, showing how to move back strongly, gently first, then into movement. And into over wrist punch, no weight front foot, slowly opening turning to punch, and slowly into ending .

 Your showing Cat Walks to Side very helpful, slowly in 4 counts, one way, then other way.; in Wave Hands Like Cloud.    Thank you, and for details, slowly moving with arm/palms very helpful.

I know the movements, much needed help on details, things I'd forgotten.

I love of working with way of Dao, soft flexible, in harmony with nature, and as you guided on track.  Wonderful tips for warm ups 3 parts, , foundation most important - I always follow this from your teachings, tai chi basics.  

I am grateful for this wonderful training; it has already helped me to improve, benefit and understanding of my practice, and to share with others in teaching, so much!

With gratitude,

Kathleen S. from MA

Testimonial for Tai Chi Certification Renewal Class:


The Tai Chi Recertification Class was very well organized and informative. Each student participated by leading movements form the Yang 24 set. Dr. Kuhn was very helpful with refinement suggestions when needed. She recognized the we often fall into habits with our movements that change the quality of our teaching and gently helped us to refine the movement. Dr. Kuhn also reminded us of the importance of not only demonstrating the movements and practicing with the students, but also having the students demonstrate the movements while the instructor observes them. I have purposefully incorporated the refinements and suggested teaching  method into my own classes and find students becoming more confident and learning quicker. I also enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with the other teachers in this class and discuss how we approach teaching and solving problems that arise. I am fortunate to be in a community that has several Tai Chi/Qigong teachers that see each other frequently but enjoyed hearing ideas from the wider teaching community. I look forward to continued communication with my fellow instructors.


Gail Pettit

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