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This was our 2023 conference, shown here for your reference.

We are hoping to have more conferences like this in the future.


Wellness Conference

with Interactive Learning

Anti-aging, Self-Care, Improving Energy and Emotional Balance


In this all-day event, you will take part in a fantastic experience that will lead you to True Happiness and to Discover the Secrets of Longevity.

  • Learn new healing methods and wisdom, therapeutic exercise     (Qi Gong), and tips and practices to delay aging.

  • Share healing experiences and practices.

  • Connect with like-minded people to gain support and energy in a positive atmosphere.

  • Feel empowered, uplifted, and nurtured.

  • Bring home joy, happiness, and holistic health knowledge.

Feedback from Conference 2023

Dr. Kuhn,

All the feedback I heard was positive!   Everything active that provides for audience participation, e.g.  the Dance routine at the beginning and Tai Chi in Circle at the end bookend events were brilliant and totally well received! Also spiritual dance (my personal fav!) plus all the qigong routines, especially the "short forms". I also think asking participants to share their personal experiences or journeys was a big hit.  Everyone liked the singalong.

Many thanks for all you do for us!



Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you and your team for all the effort and time spent creating the program for the "2023 Wellness Conference with Interactive Learning", it held my full attention the entire day. I hope it's possible to do this again in a year. Whether the group assembled at the conference was being energized by dancing and singing, or entranced with your lectures on "Holistic healing" and "30 Secrets of Longevity and Happy Aging" I believe the day was a personal learning journey for each of us.

I really liked Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice we did in the afternoon because it emphasized and reminded me that the mind/body connection is a partnership of the two, both necessary for the healthy life style I want. It was a great day among open minded people with talented instructors woven into the schedule between your lectures.

The vegetarian lunch was delicious and a great selection for me!


  *   This Qi Conference Was Amazing!! Thank You so much for making an online option! It made all the Difference!! I loved every minute of this Conference, and the Tech hiccough was no Problem!!! I would absolutely attend next year if the Conference had an online option!! a big Thank you to Dr. Kuhn, Pati, all the Presenter's, and the whole teem who made this Conference Possible!! What a Great learning experience!!   Thank You all Again!!


Piers W

Dr. Kuhn,

I just wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful conference! I am deeply grateful for the knowledge and insight I have gained as a result of the entire experience, which left me feeling invigorated, yet calm, and very motivated to continue deepening my tai chi practice. Also, the lunch was delicious, and it felt good to connect with like-minded folks, which reminded me that team spirit is a great motivator! I look forward to being a part of this wonderful event again next year!

Warm regards,

Vesna C.

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