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Qi Gong Healing for Computer Users

(Wellness Workshop)


Dr. Aihan Kuhn


This sequence of Qi Gong exercises is designed specifically for computer users and any occupation that involves sitting for long periods of time. It helps to prevent and heal many problems such as neck problems, shoulder problems, carpel tunnel syndrome, back problems, body stiffness, joint pain, headache, tiredness and more.  It also helps to improve daily energy level, relieve physical and mental stress, promote circulation, balance emotion and enhance productivity.  It is easy to learn and easy to practice, and it is suitable for all levels.   In our fast paced lifestyle we need to protect our health by using the most effective methods. This could change your life.  


Dr. Aihan Kuhn trained in both Western and Eastern medicine and has been practicing natural healing for over 25 years.  With her expertise, experience and dedication, she has helped thousands of people with various problems including computer related ailments.  She offers valuable information for healthy living and wellbeing.


Dr. Kuhn is an award-winning author and president of Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute.


Fee: $85.00  (TQHI member has 10% discount)

Space is limited, please register early.

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