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Qi Gong Instructor Training Course, Level II

This is a continuing education program for people who have completed the Level I Qi Gong instructor training Course.


The student will learn more about Qi Gong for healing and self-healing, understanding how to use Qi Gong for self-healing and how to help others heal. The student will become familiar with the meridian system in the body and their travel directions, Five Elements, and the interconnection with organ systems, and how to keep the organ system in balance to maintain optimum health. Some hands-on healing techniques will also be discussed. There will be in-depth learning of the movements of Therapeutic Qi Gong, correct breathing to coordinate with the mind. Students will learn some Tai Chi fundamental skills that they may incorporate in their teaching. It also helps to prepare for learning/teaching Tai Chi in an effective way. Learning more teaching techniques can help to keep people interested. The certificate will be issued by Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute upon completion.


Learning from Dr. Kuhn, you will learn more than you expect.

*Refund policy:

90% refund if you cancel two weeks before class starts;

70% refund if you cancel less than seven days before class starts;

No refund if you cancel less than three days before class starts, but you will have full credit for the next course or other courses.

*Attention Institute Members.  Please sign in to the Members Only page and pay there to receive your 5% discount.

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