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Creative Cooking

Part I: Vegetarian

A Zoom class offered by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Date: TBD



In this informative and interactive class, Dr. Kuhn will teach students the fundamental skill of healthy cooking in both Asian and non-Asian styles. Food energy will also be introduced, as well as how to prepare a balanced meal.  Students will learn to prepare a meal with simple steps and easy-to-find ingredients in most supermarkets. Dr. Kuhn's teaching style activates students' creative power to improvise the techniques to create other healthy and delicious meals. Students will participate in the cooking process at home and need a cutting board, knife, shredder, and rice cooker. Students will get a list of the food ingredients two days before the class and a zoom link one day before the class.


(This is primarily a Zoom class, but there are a few openings for in-person learning, add $10.00 at class for in-person participation. Please call to be sure space is available)

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