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Cancer Healing the Holistic Way

Zoom Program

Date: TBD


 “What causes cancer?” “Why do I have this Cancer?” These are big questions that many researchers are still trying to figure out. But in Eastern healing, it is not that difficult to understand.

In this program, Dr. Aihan Kuhn will explain the causes of cancer, how to initiate healing, a cancer healing diet, how to use the mind and action to activate your healing power, and change your energy. Qi Gong for cancer healing exercise will be taught in this program. You will feel the difference using these practices in just a few weeks. Dr. Kuhn’s teaching is informative, eye-opening, and practical, so anyone can understand and be able to practice on the daily basis, which is key to healing and prevention.

It is important to write notes during this one-day program.

Refund Policy:

90% refund if you cancel two weeks before class starts;

70% refund if you cancel less than seven days before class starts;

No refund if you cancel less than three days before class starts, but you will have full credit for the next course or other courses.


Dear Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you so much for the seminar yesterday. Here is my feedback.

1. I felt energized and empowered to deal with the cancer after the class. You provided a framework to understand what practices and beliefs I need to work on for healing, beyond the chemotherapy.

2. I was able to attend the full three hours of class even though I had had chemo two days before. The qigong practice was helpful to stretch and mobilize the spine and helped my neck pain.

3. The specific recommendations on diet were helpful and I have already bought the recommended foods.

Warmest regards,



Good Day, Dr. Kuhn,

I was able to download the video and the lesson, thank you.

I enjoyed the class very much. Even though I have done Qi Gong Brocades before, participating in your class reminded me I have to make time to do the exercises every day.

Your class helped me realize that I hold my hurts too long and sometimes take life too seriously.

After the class and practicing Qi Gong I felt renewed!

Thank you so very much!




Hello Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you very much for your Cancer Healing program yesterday (Saturday).

I found it very valuable and upbeat. The content about nutrition and attitude in particular were exceptional. Closing with Ba Duan Jing was excellent.

As you know, my son came over and we watched it together. You were able to reach him in a way that my wife and I as his parents, could not.

Thank you again for the very helpful program!


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