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Five Animal Qi Gong (Wu Qin Xi)

6-Week Zoom Class

Date: TBD

(45 minutes class)

The Five Animal Qi Gong exercise was created by Hua Tuo, a famous Chinese physician in the late 2nd and early 3rd century AD. From observing animal movements (tiger, deer, bear, monkey, crane), he believed that animals had a natural ability to protect their health.  Even though he was a famous surgeon, he emphasized a preventive approach.  He created this Qi Gong form to strengthen the organ system, maintain a healthy immune function, and aim for quality of life.

Mimicking animal movements, this Qi Gong form coordinates breath, mind focus, Yin and Yang, Zhang and Fu (internal organs,) stretching, and relaxation. These have significant benefits to our nervous system, which is key to our health and well-being.  In addition to learning the Qi Gong movements, the organ system corelated to the movements will be explained in this class.

A recording will be sent to students to support their home practice. It is suitable for all levels and abilities.

Instructor: Dr. Aihan Kuhn

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