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Food for Healing and Weight Reduction

(Zoom class - link will be sent in email)

For centuries, Asian people have used food for healing, prevention, and longevity. Food for Healing is a mindful practice that helps to keep the body in optimum health. In the modern world, many of us are controlled by the commercial food industry. Others are too busy to pay attention to what we eat, how we eat, and food-related health issues. Many diseases are associated with food and drink, but conventional medicine can only treat you with medications. We are smart; we can do better; this is why we need to learn to use food to restore our health. In this program, you will learn:


why and how the right diet can restore your health


-          Gain knowledge of how food and nutrition can restore your health

-          Bring home fresh ideas about healthy eating/dieting

-          Practice “Food for Healing” to gain the benefits to our body, our healing, reduce pain, gain energy, and prevent brain aging.

-          How to lose weight effectively and maintain a healthy weight

Date: TBD

  ( Please note: Members may register on the "Members Only" page and receive a 10% discount.)

*Refund policy:

90% refund if you cancel two weeks before class starts;

70% refund if you cancel less than seven days before class starts;

No refund if you cancel less than three days before class starts, but you will have full credit for the next course or other courses.


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