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The Best Defense for Corona Virus  

by Dr. Aihan Kuhn 医者


Living with chaotic fear of the Coronavirus, carries constant tension and worry. We watch the daily news about the Coronavirus, stocks crashing, deaths of elderly or sick people, and we cancel trips, cancel visiting friends, or participating in programs. These all add fear to our life. 


With these fears, we forget that many more people die from flu or other diseases than the Corona Virus; we forgot something else we should be doing, and we forgot to take care of our body, mind, and emotion. 


Yes, we need to be mindful of developing healthy habits such as washing hands after touching things outside of the house, drink more water, keep distance with people, wear a mask during the season, etc. But we still have a chance to get the virus infection. The more we talk about it, the more fear and chaos we create. Virus may not kill you, but an imbalanced mind and body may “kill” you, eventually too.

The best defense for the Corona Virus is not medication, mask, talk, or vaccine; it is to learn how we can build our balanced immune system. A balanced immune system can fight the virus for us. This is why I am writing this article.

For many centuries, people practiced Qi Gong for health and healing. The most valuable part of Qi Gong is that the daily practice of Qi Gong helps maintain a balanced immune system and organ function. 


With a balanced immune function, your body heals from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. People often disbelieve that simple practice can change their health; they believe in more expensive methods, traumatic therapies, and high tech equipment, and famous doctors. 


But, think how so many centenarians live to over 100 without any of these. Sometimes our belief system can help us to achieve goals; other times, it can lead us to disease and death. It is not about right or wrong; every one of us has the choice to live the way we want. But if you want to live in a peaceful environment, minimize the stress, you will need to find a way to create internal peace, let go of the stress, anxiety, and fear.

Come to our healing retreat this summer in Massachusetts, and you will find more information on how to keep our immune system balanced, and how to create a peaceful life. In the meantime, here is some simple Qi Gong exercise you can do to keep your immune system balanced:

1. Open to see the sky

• Take a deep, slow breath raise arms in the front of the body above the head,

• Exhale separate arms move arms down from the side of the body;

Repeat this movement for eight times.

2. Receive energy from heaven

• Place both hands in the front of your lower abdomen palm facing up.

• Inhale, raise hands and push up above the head, try to push as high as you can, hold this position count to five. Then exhale, move your arms and hands down.

Repeat this movement for 8 times.

3. Open and close

• Place your arms and hands in the front of the body looks like you are holding a basketball with both hands.

• Slowly inhale, move arms and hands to the side of the shoulder.

• Exhale, move arms and hands to the front of the body like holding a ball, be sure to relax arms, shoulders, and hands.

Repeat this movement for 8 times.

4. Push up and down

• Inhale push left palm up as high as you can; at the same time, push right hand down as low as you can.

• Exhale move the left arm and hand down.

• Inhale push right palm up as high as you can; at the same time, push left hand down as low as you can.

• Exhale move the left arm and hand down.

Repeat this movement for 8 times

5. Bending forward downward relax

• Feet are apart. Interlock your fingers, inhale and raise arms above the head;

• Exhale slowly bending the upper body forward downward and moving arms downward.

• Stay in this position and relax the upper body for three deep breaths;

• Slowly roll up your body and relax.

Repeat this movement for 4 times

6. Bending backward

• Feet are at should width, put hands on back to support the back;

• Inhale bending backward of upper body hold breath count to two; exhale return to the original position.

Repeat this for 4 times.

7. Knocking the body ending

• With your right palm or light fist gently jitting your left shoulder, arm;

• Change side, use left palm or fist gently hitting your right shoulder, arm;

• Use both hand or fist knocking on the lower back, hip, lateral legs moving downward, then knocking inner part legs moving upward.

Do these for one minute or two.


• Take a slow deep breath while raising arms from the side of the body above the head, exhale and move arms down in the front of the body, palm slowly press down.

Do this 3 times.

When you complete this short Qi Gong form, you feel your body is relaxed, your mind is clearer, and your energy is restored

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