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The Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute (TQHI) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting health and improving quality of life by helping people identify and strengthen their own internal energy or Qi. (pronounced: chee)


TQHI was established in January, 1998 by Dr. Aihan Kuhn.

In October 2001, it became a non-profit organization with 5 directors and many volunteers. Since then TQHI has organized many activities to create a positive influence in people's lives. 

To inspire and empower people to understand the role natural healing can have in enhancing their quality of life and in supporting their wellness.

The Best Defense for Corona Virus  

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A Healing Retreat with Dr. Aihan Kuhn

In the Berkshires, Massachusetts

Cancelled for this year, sorry

Location: Eastover Estate & Retreat, 430 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240

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Featured Classes and Workshops:

*For weekly Qi Gong Class information please call   (508) 380-0449


Due to Covid-19 all classes are currently cancelled.

Welcome to the Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute!

We are a nonprofit organization committed to promoting health, disease prevention, and improving the quality of life for people by helping them identify and strengthen their own internal energy, or "Qi.  The Institute promotes healing exercises such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi to strengthen mental, physical and emotional balance.  These exercises have been shown to improve immune function,  prevent illness, relieve chronic pain, improve mental clarity, and promote anti-aging. 

Our focuses are:

  • Assist members by helping them to recognize ways to relieve stress

  • Encourage members to explore healing methods and a path towards optimal health

  • Providing access to Qi Gong and Tai Chi Training

  • Teaching students how to use their own Qi (life force) in order to balance their life and health.

  • Providing an interesting (optional) monthly discussion of Tao Te Ching topics.


We are on a journey of natural healing and prevention of disease for all. You can take a course or optimize your healing experience with a membership. Your healing journey has a ripple effect on others. When your Qi changes, your life also changes.

 I thank you in advance for your support.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Aihan Kuhn

President of Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute 

Membership Benefits


We invite you to become a member of the Tai Chi & Qi Gong Healing Institute,  a nonprofit organization committed to promoting health, healing and improving 

the quality of life, by helping people identify and strengthen their own internal 

energy  (Qi).   The Institute promotes the awareness of Qi (life force) by providing  education and training on the use of healing exercises for preventing illness and promoting optimum health and happiness.


Yearly membership is $85.00 (tax deductible). You will not only be supporting our mission, you will also receive there benefits:

1. Free weekly outdoor practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi; (except last Sunday of the month)

2. Free monthly email newsletter;

3. Free listing on taichihealing.org if you are an instructor or practitioner of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or other practitioner;

4. Free T shirt for new members;   ($8.00 mailing if you are not local)

5. Free streaming videos on therapeutic exercises from website: www.taichihealing.org

6. Monthly activities for local  members;

7. Yearly activities for all members;

8. 15% Discount when registering for our annual natural healing/wellness education event;

9. Volunteer opportunities, or become board member if you have the passion, energy, and willingness to help us to grow.  A wonderful  learning/growing experience;

10. Develop friendships with like-minded people and get support from each other;

11.  Free monthly study meeting - discussing Daoist philosophy with a group of like-minded individuals and use I-Ching to solve life's puzzles; 

12. Best of all, you feel the group Qi, gain wisdom, and enjoy the harmony!

10 Week Tai Chi Program

This 10 Week program is designed as an effective and easy way for anyone to learn Tai Chi. The video series is structured. You can learn week by week or month by month with minimum difficulty. Each week, the form builds on what you learned in the previous week. You can choose to do it once a week for 10 weeks, or you can finish it in a year. Whatever you choose, its totally up to you. If you really want to get it down in 10 weeks, you must learn and practice every day for at least 45-60 minutes.


If you are a Tai Chi Instructor, this week week video lesson will provide you with a structured teaching method that students need. This way, they will feel good when learning Tai Chi: better focus, more energy, mental clarity, better circulation, better movement and so forth. Moreover, you will feel more joy from teaching. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but you will also see your students doing well with their form and their learning attitude.

Note: This 20% discount is just a sample of the benefits you can enjoy when you become a member of the Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute (TQHI).  Please consider joining for more FREE videos, and discounts.  Your $85 annual membership fee is tax deductible.  Join Now!

Tai Chi For Youths Cover
Therapeutic Qi Gong Video
Tai Chi Double Fan
Qi Gong for Total Body and Mind

After you become a member for a low

annual fee of $85, you will enjoy member benefits.

We need your support!

Your donation goes 100% to a good cause. We are a healing institute dedicated to helping others to restore and maintain their health, happiness, and immune function. We welcome people of all abilities and ages to join our membership.  Kindness and respect are some of our many practices. We educate people in holistic methodologies; we empower people to activate their healing ability and help them on their healing journey. We share our healing knowledge and experience with others, we help everyone, and have only good intentions.  We continue to learn with modesty, honesty, and sincerity.    We cherish love, friendship and group energy. We keep only positive energy.


To Make A Larger Donation, Please Contact Dr. Aihan Kuhn





Mail a check or money order to the TQHI Headquarters at 

3277 C Fruitville Rd. Suite 2

Sarasota, FL 34237

Professional Certification Courses Led by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

Tai Chi Instructor Training
Qi Gong Instructor Training
Tui Na Therapy Training





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T-Shirts (free with new membership)

$20 non-members*

    *(plus $8 s/h out of town)

$15 for members*

                     *(plus $8 s/h out of town, go to "members only" page)


Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute

3277 C Fruitville Rd. Suite 2

Sarasota, Florida 34237



About Us: The Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute (TQHI) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting natural health and improving wellbeing by educating people of natural healing methods.