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A Non-Profit Organization Promoting Natural Healing and Prevention

Taoist Study Meeting 12/20/2015

Date and Time: 12/20/2015, Sarasota, FL, USA Agenda Tao Te Ching Study: Chapter 6. I Ching practice: Use group energy to find answers for life puzzle. Qigong Practice One: study Tao Te Ching Chapter 6, source: Translated by Hon Sing Lee, Mar 10, 2003, retrieved from, 12/21/2015 This is my translation of the sixth chapter. This is by far the most difficult chapter to translate, and my translation is vastly different from many conventional ones. Thus I apologize for possible misinterpretations. “The spirit of the land never dies, this is the mysterious regeneration”. Comments: “Gu Shen” means valley. During the author Lao Tze's time, civilizations were l

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