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Why Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

Originally Posted on Dr. Aihan Kuhns Website

Tai Chi and Qi Gong continue to gain popularity worldwide. The healing and health benefits are attractive to those looking into these healing arts. Therefore the need for instructors is increasing.

This is why I continue to provide training programs. Those just deciding to learn these exercises have questions about how to choose between the two of them in the first place, I hope this article will help.

First of all, both these exercises involves slow body movements are working with Qi, which is internal energy moving through the body, just like electricity moving through a wire. Smooth Qi flow keeps the organ system functioning. Full concentration is needed for these exercises.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong can be used for prevention and healing because they help to balance the mind and body, reduce stress, improve immune function, and restore harmony in the body.

But there are some differences in each practice: the movements of Tai Chi are more difficult than Qi Gong, we can say that Tai Chi is a higher level of Qi practice; the movements of Qi Gong are a more basic level of Qi practice. Therefore, if someone doesn’t want the additional challenge, Qi Gong can be their first choice.

Taking the challenge to learn Tai Chi can greatly benefit our brain and our life. In my program “Tai Chi for PTSD” on August 12, I will explain why and how the correct Tai Chi practice can help our brain, body, emotion, and balance our life. Participants will learn fundamental skills of Tai Chi and how to use it daily.

Tai Chi Summary

  • Advanced Qi practice

  • Movements are slow and circular, coordinated within all body parts

  • Five main styles or forms, some variations

  • Breathing is slow and deep with each movement

  • Evolved from the martial arts

  • Practice is in a walking motion

  • Not practical for severe illness

  • Beginners need to be patient

  • It is self discipline practice, self healing practice, higher level practice

  • Participants can be younger, but is for all

  • Tai Chi is higher level Qi Gong practice

Qi Gong Summary

  • Basic Qi practice

  • Movements are simple and easy to follow, easy to learn, can be repetitive. Some Qi Gong involves self massage

  • Five categories, but more than hundred forms

  • Breathing can be slow or fast. It varies in different forms

  • Evolved from looking for cures & healing

  • Can be practiced in any position

  • Good for all ability levels, all ages, no restrictions

  • Maybe too simple for some people

  • It is self healing therapy, also self discipline practice

  • Participants can be older, but is for all

  • Qi Gong can be a beginner level of Tai Chi


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