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A Non-Profit Organization Promoting Natural Healing and Prevention

Ten Simple Secrets to Happiness

Ten Secrets of Happiness: Practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong regularly to keep your body and mind balanced. When a person is not happy, there are two things that need to be addressed: your mind is troubled, tangled, disturbed by negativities; or your energy flow in the body is blocked, stagnated, or not flowing the way it is supposed to. When a person is happy, his mind is clear and healthy, his body’s energy is harmonized and flows smoothly. Tai Chi practice includes special body movements and correct patterns of breathing to balance the energy flow in your body, and balance the energy between your mind and your body. Keep a positive attitude. If you have a positive attitude, and take positive a

Always Help Others

Helping other people is always a good thing. Some individuals may feel that they need something immediate in return if they elect to help others. But that is not the right mindset. Here is a personal story that I would like to share with you. Many years ago, when I was practicing holistic medicine in Massachusetts, a teenage girl named “Madeline” came to see me. Her parents brought her to my office. She suffered from severe depression and she was suicidal. Knowing that she had attempted to cut herself in the past, I decided to take her under my care for 2 weeks at my house where I would devote myself to her, from teaching her, to feeding her. I wanted to change her life because she was beaut

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