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What Makes Good Leaders

Originally published on Dr. Aihan Kuhn's website.

Leadership is important in every field, from school to companies to organizations, from religion to politics, from sports teams to performance artists. When talking about leaders, it can be a leader in the house, leader of the community, leader in the company, leader of the country, leader of any group, or leader of yourself.

Good leaders make things happen, move things forward and have the mindset to achieve anything on their agenda.

Good leaders are not selfish. They put others first. They set an example and teach by example. Good leaders know what is important, and what is not important. They prioritize tasks.

Good leaders are able to listen, pay attention to others, think/find out about what people need.

Without the support of people, there is no leader; therefore putting people first can help the leader to do better work. Leaders should forgo personal ego, be humble, keep a humility and live at the level of common people. This way the leader can earn trust. Real leaders do not brag, nor boast. Their achievements are from teamwork, not just one person’s work. It can be one individual's idea, but it is always a team effort to complete the task.

Think about volunteers who donate their time and skills for something they are passionate about. Leaders should set the example in this regard.

Good leaders have manners and able to control their anger, and thus lead with the right attitude. They work hard to create a harmonious and engaging vision.

True leaders understand all kinds of people: poor or rich, healthy or sick, young or old, black or white, all ethnic backgrounds. Because we are all human beings, we can learn from each other. Leaders bring together people who have differences.

No matter what kind of leaders we have, we the people, are the most important entity that can make things happen, and build better communities.

When the job is done, it is the people who should be rewarded, praised, and celebrated. Leaders celebrate in the background. They find intrinsic satisfaction in empowering individuals to work for a greater good.

Let’s start a new journey: talk positive, think positive, and act positive.


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