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The Cure For Brain Fog

Why do so many people complain about their “brain fog”? They say they are unable to focus, and unable to think clearly. Is there any cure for “brain fog”? Yes, there is a cure for “brain fog”. First of all, we need to understand why we have “brain fog”. Living and working in the modern world, our stress level is getting higher every year: losing jobs, losing houses, losing spouses, bills, retirement, too much to do at work, unable to focus, physical ailments, not having harmony at work or at home, dealing with children’s issues, dealing with elderly issues, too much going on in our lives, too many thoughts in our brain and on and on. All these things cause a traffic jam in our brain’s com

Arthritis and Healing

Arthritis affects 52.5 million U.S. adults, more than 1 in 5. It is the nation’s most common cause of disability. I also have arthritis, as did my mother and grandmother. Arthritis can be debilitating but doesn’t have to be. It depends on how much preventive work you do for yourself. The more preventive work you do for yourself, the less pain you will have. Medication can relieve pain and inflammation, but the side effects can cause other medical issues. And then you will have more issues to deal with in addition to arthritis pain. The sooner you start your preventive work, the sooner you will have a better quality of life and less suffering. Below are some self-healing techniques tha

Anxiety Relief and The Cure

Have you ever have had an experience like the following? When you give a presentation, or interview for job, even at a doctor's office visit, or if you have an annual meeting with your boss - your heart is pounding fast, your breath is short, your palms are sweaty, and you forget what you're suppose to say, some even feel like they are going pass out. You are having an anxiety attack. Anxiety can be debilitating and can affect your health and performance. No matter how much we analyze the situation, it does not solve the problem. Medication is a cover and not a cure. In order to prevent or heal the anxiety, I recommend you to use these techniques. It works if you practice them. For Relie

Digestive Function and Health

Digestive function and Health In Chinese healing, the digestive function is one of the most important systems because it affects the whole body's healing. If the digestive system goes wrong, sooner or later something will go wrong in the other organs. Especially in cancer patients, if the patients still have good digestive function, their prognosis could be good. However, if the patients lose the digestive function, the prognosis could be poor. Maintaining good stomach energy is especially important for women. Good stomach function helps to prevent breast cancer. From the body's meridian system, we know that the stomach meridian goes through the breast. If the Stomach meridian is blocke

Daily Relaxation Practice To Relieve Stress

0At the end of the day, this type of relaxation practice will rejuvenate your energy and relax your mind and body. It is very important to relieve stress and balance your life. 1. Lifting spirit: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. With your arms out to your shoulders, continue up over your head, bringing your palms together. Take three deep breathes, lift your hands and shoulders as you inhale, relax your shoulders as you exhale. Do this for 4 breaths. 2. Open channels: Cross your left arm over your head, right hand grabs the left forearm. Take a deep breath, bend your upper body to the right while exhaling. Stay in this position for 3 breaths. Return to the beginning position. Cross your

Daily Qi Gong For Energy Boost

One of the most important things we have to do is daily exercise. Daily exercise can help you boost your energy, promotes circulation, help your emotion, metabolism, and so much more. If you cannot go out to do exercises, indoor Qi Gong is a wonderful substitute. Here is a short daily routine for morning “wake up call”. You can feel immediate change after practice this sequence exercise. This entire sequence is practiced in horse stance. For beginners, you can adjust your stance if you are tired. Repeat the sequence several times between 4 to 8 times depends on how much time you have in the morning, followed by stretching or other strengthening exercise. 1. Have your feet distance 1.5 to

Chinese Medicine for Treating Lyme Disease

Its getting warmer and warmer outside and summer is coming soon. This means that the insects and ticks will be coming out as well. The potential of picking up these tiny critters exists throughout our country side, on our walking paths, and even in our very backyards. Adults, children and animals are all subject to picking them up along the way. Often times, a tick bite will pose no major problem, but there is always the possibility that a tick may be the carrier of lyme disease and an even more recent discovery that they also may carry a virus which in some cases may develop serious complications. If bitten, most peoples’ first instinct is to rush to the doctor for a blood test and antibiot

Chinese Medicine For Children

Seven years ago, a group pediatrician invited me to give a talk on Chinese medicine. The initial motivation for inviting me was that a 14 year old boy recovered so quickly from my treatment. This boy had arthritis which showed on X-Rays. Just after 5 visits, the X-Rays were back to normal. His pediatrician could not believe his own eyes and would like to know how it worked. Children have a high healing ability if their energy channels are open, and a lower healing ability if their energy channels are blocked. In their healing process, using Chinese medicine to open the energy channels, allows their bodies to enhance

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