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Don't Let The World Divide Us

Originally Posted on Dr. Aihan Kuhn's Website.

I came to this country in 1989. At that time, I had very little English, and was raising two children at home. My husband had to work to support the family and only on weekends did we have a chance to talk.

It was not easy for me changing from being a practicing physician in China to becoming a nobody. I felt like I had to start my life all over again.

After moving to Massachusetts, I tried to work in a hospital so I could learn English and become familiar with the medical system here, as well as learn the culture of this county. I also tried to read English at night with my limited time.

You would never guess what show I started to watch in the beginning: Sesame Street, to learn kids language.

By trying and trying, I did learn the language, the culture, the people, the cooking, the local specialties, the politics, the religion, the art, the music, the sports, the society, the beautiful scenic places, the educational system, and the beauty of the multi cultured country.

I think what makes America great is the diversity of the people, the diversity of culture, the diversity of the food, and the diversity of so many wonderful things.

We enjoy all different kinds of music, ethnic dance, healthy ethnic foods, and the wisdom from many different cultures. We learn so much from each other.

I learned Thai cooking, I also like Mediterranean food, really like Indian food and Cuban food, I like African Art, and art from all different countries.

We should feel blessed to be in this multi cultured country. I am, feeling very blessed and I am humbly to say: I learn from all of you.

The world is divided, in many ways. But if we think about it, which would you prefer, and which one is healthy, which one can give us joy and love: harmony or disharmony? Peace or war? Kindness or hate?

I sometimes feel embarrassed talking to people from other countries (visiting other country), when they point out certain things we did that were not smart.

But no matter what others say about America having so many problems, I stand my ground and tell them how many good things we have in America. And I will continue to tell them: I am proud to be an American and I still think America is a great country.

No matter where we were from, where we were born, or where we grew up, we are all just people.

We go to the same restaurants, same supermarkets, get same kind of education, drive same kind of car, eat same kind of foods, and sleep at about same time, go to work at same time……….

Again, we are just people, we have the same experiences, and we are the ones who make things better and better.

We are the ones who contribute our skills and talent to bring many amazing results. We are brothers and sisters, we are living under the same roof in the “Melting Pot”.

We don’t have to be divided, our mind and our body don’t have to be divided, our culture doesn’t have to be divided, and people don’t have to be divided.

If all of us think the same way, we can be the nation that other countries admire. We can be strong, peaceful, and be a good role model for others.

Let us renounce violence, Let us renounce hate, Let us stop blaming, Let us stop the discrimination. That way, we can continue to work together to build a better country, better life, and better health.

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