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Digestive Function and Health

Digestive function and Health

In Chinese healing, the digestive function is one of the most important systems because it affects the whole body's healing. If the digestive system goes wrong, sooner or later something will go wrong in the other organs. Especially in cancer patients, if the patients still have good digestive function, their prognosis could be good. However, if the patients lose the digestive function, the prognosis could be poor.

Maintaining good stomach energy is especially important for women. Good stomach function helps to prevent breast cancer. From the body's meridian system, we know that the stomach meridian goes through the breast. If the Stomach meridian is blocked, it might cause a blockage on your breast meridian. That could be a “pre-cancer” area. If we look back, the breast cancer patients, not including genetic factors, many of them in their lifetime had some kind of problem with their stomach function. Some people had stomach problems when they were young, some in their middle age, and some just recently since having their condition. Of course there are some other reasons that could cause breast cancer, such as genetic causes and blockages in certain energy paths.

Diet is very important. With the correct diet, we could have a much more pleasant life in general. We need to be mindful of preserving the digestive function by eating the right food and right drinks. If you’d like to know more about the Chinese diet and food healing, please read Dr. Kuhn’s book “Chinese Medicine and Natural Healing” for details.

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