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Arthritis and Healing

Arthritis affects 52.5 million U.S. adults, more than 1 in 5. It is the nation’s most common cause of disability. I also have arthritis, as did my mother and grandmother. Arthritis can be debilitating but doesn’t have to be. It depends on how much preventive work you do for yourself. The more preventive work you do for yourself, the less pain you will have. Medication can relieve pain and inflammation, but the side effects can cause other medical issues. And then you will have more issues to deal with in addition to arthritis pain. The sooner you start your preventive work, the sooner you will have a better quality of life and less suffering. Below are some self-healing techniques that you can do at home.

There are three keys to healing:

1. Promote circulation:

Most arthritis sufferers have poor circulation. Promoting blood circulation and Qi (energy) circulation is very important. To achieve this, one should practice daily Qi Gong exercises (Therapeutic Qi Gong). Take a warm bath if you live in a cold climate. Always ware long underwear winter time. Keep moving your body by doing other aerobic exercise such as: light jogging, power walking, dancing, Zumba exercise, gentle Yoga, or any movement that increases your heart rate and make you warm. Bottom line is - keep moving, avoid being a couch potato, which is very bad for arthritis.

2. Diet and Nutrition:

Pay careful attention to your diet. Certain foods can cause more inflammation and other foods can reduce inflammation and promote circulation. Focus on eating less meat, less dairy, and less sour food such as rhubarb, cranberry, and tomato. Also avoid alcohol, smoking, too much coffee, and pure carbohydrates. Your diet should consist of mainly vegetables, especially leaf vegetables (except spinach, which can affect calcium absorption), root vegetables, whole grain, barley, foods high in omega-3 (such as avocado), and alfalfa. Adding spice to your diet such as: hot pepper, turmeric, ginger, and garlic will also help reduce inflammation. Nutrition support is also important. You will need to take vitamin D and Calcium on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be a large dosage, but should be taken every day. Many people often forget about drinking water. No matter what, you need to drink at least 8 cups (8 oz each cup) of water every day and 10 cups in the summer time.

3. Positive attitude:

Many things can cause arthritis sufferers more pain such as: weather change, humidity change, stress, negative emotions, food, or an over-worked body. One should always keep a positive attitude: weather can change the next day so can the body. Find ways to deal with your stress, or if you can, remove stress from your life altogether. Let go of negative feelings and emotions. Do something positive for yourself, change your diet, and practice Qi Gong or Tai Chi Daily. All of these can help to build a positive mind and a positive attitude.

When you do this preventive work, you will see results. Eventually, you may not even need medication.

I hope you have a successful healing journey!

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