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Anxiety Relief and The Cure

Have you ever have had an experience like the following? When you give a presentation, or interview for job, even at a doctor's office visit, or if you have an annual meeting with your boss - your heart is pounding fast, your breath is short, your palms are sweaty, and you forget what you're suppose to say, some even feel like they are going pass out.

You are having an anxiety attack. Anxiety can be debilitating and can affect your health and performance. No matter how much we analyze the situation, it does not solve the problem. Medication is a cover and not a cure. In order to prevent or heal the anxiety, I recommend you to use these techniques. It works if you practice them.

For Relief of Anxiety:

1. Take three deep and slow breaths, release your whole body's tension on each exhalation. If three deep, slow breaths are not enough, you can try five breaths. Once your body's tension is relieved, your anxiety will most likely be relieved too.

2. Self massage:

- Massage the forehead for one minute: use 8 fingers with both hands to massage the entire forehead area.

- Massage the neck for another minute: put right hand behind neck, use fingers to massage the left side of the neck, then change your hand and use the left fingers to massage the right side of the neck.

- Massage temple areas for one minute: use forefingers and middle fingers to massage the temples on both sides.

- Cross your hands and massage upper chest for one minute: cross the middle of your chest and use right fingers to massage on the left upper chest, then use left fingers massage the right upper chest.

- Finger press on the forearm along the middle line: place thumb on palm side of fore arm, place forefinger and middle finger on back side of palm, rhythmically press on forearm on both sides for one minute.

3. Qi Gong: Reach for the sun, connect earth energy then move energy through the body

For Cure of Anxiety:

1. In order to cure a lifetime of anxiety, it will need a lifetime of practice. Your determination will make the difference.

2. Practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong regularly because Tai Chi is a wonderful healing methodology for balancing the body's chemicals and hormones. This kind of practice not only helps prevent anxiety but also cure the anxiety if you practice regularly. You can also read my book “Tai Chi for Emotion Balance” which you can get from my websites online steaming store. You can also take my instructor training course to learn the healing strategies for self healing.

3. Study Taoism. You can get the book Dao De Jing,(or Tao Te Ching in some spelling). The Daoist philosophy helps you understand what is important and what is not important in life. It also helps you to let go easier.

4. Avoid using substances: Alcohol, coffee, drugs, etc.

5. Practice talking: you can practice talking to anyone without fear or worry. Keep in mind, no one will kill you if you say something wrong or make a mistake. No need to worry what other people think of you, only do the best you can for any kind performance. Be who you are, don’t try to be someone else because you have your special quality.

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