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About Us: The Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute (TQHI) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting natural health and improving wellbeing by educating people of natural healing methods.

August 17, 2018

August 15, 2018

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Path to My Healing

January 12, 2016

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Anxiety Relief and The Cure

March 25, 2015


Have you ever have had an experience like the following?  When you give a presentation, or interview for job, even at a doctor's office visit, or if you have an annual meeting with your boss - your heart is pounding fast, your breath is short, your palms are sweaty, and you forget what you're suppose to say, some even feel like they are going pass out.


You are having an anxiety attack. Anxiety can be debilitating and can affect your health and performance.  No