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True Brain Fitness

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For the past five years, I have started to focus on some of my own issues, particularly my brain health, in order to get the most benefits and enjoyment in my own life. I need my brain for life, for business, for creating new methods to achieve health and fitness, for my educational work, for healing, for helping others, and for fighting my own aging process.

I started my own experiment and research. I am doing it to heal myself, and to find if my right brain dominance can really change. After years of practice in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and other exercises I created, as well as learning from other methods, I now realize my ability has changed in many ways. I am no longer to have fear, anger, and emotion imbalance. I am able to keep track things better and working more efficiently. I am able to let things go much easier. I am more open to things, and I am more flexible. I know I am still learning and I have so much more to learn. All these experiences and benefits I have seen are the evidence that my mind, body, brain, spirit are working in right direction.

I have been observing people and realize that many people’s mind and brain experience decline. This show in aspect of losing memory, unable to track dates, time; having problem with words, names, places, etc. Some of them have major physical ailments, emotional imbalance, and disharmony in life.

We all know that stress can cause aging, as well as cause many physical ailments, including cancer. There are many place teach stress reduction too. Why we still have so much problem cause by stress? Maybe people haven’t find the best way dealing with stress? Maybe people are not practice what they have learnt?

I decided to write this book. My intentions are helping people to prevent brain aging, help to heal their illness, give people tools to deal stress, and help people bring back the quality of life.

This book teaches you to be aware of your own energy, which is the first steps of finding the wisdom to deal with everything.

After many years of experience working with patients, treating patients, teaching patients, and observing patients, I developed my own theory: Body-Brain-Mind-Healing. My idea is to use body exercise and movement to stimulate the brain and to get the brain chemicals activated. By balancing the left side and right side of the brain through body movement and other learning, you bringing new information to the brain, and help brain cells to communicate with each other. Once the brain is activated and balanced, it guides the mind in right direction; so the mind can direct the physical body toward positive behaviors and start positive activities. Then the healing begins. What happens in our complicated human body is a wholeness that involves many chain reactions. To initiate a chain reaction, the mind is not the only player. We need something to initiate the mind, to make the mind work better. The mind can be stuck somewhere in the past, or unable to find reason for things that happened. Stress can make the mind confused, misled, vulnerable, and debilitated. This is not because our mind is bad or weak, nor we are stupid. It is because the chemicals in our brain are not balanced, the emotion center in the brain is not balanced, and so the mind is unbalanced. Fortunately no matter how stuck our mind may be, our body can still move. You see everyone walking, moving, doing things, but you cannot see their underlying health problems. If they can walk and do things, even house work or driving, they can certainly move their body with the various exercises. If they move their body in an energetic way every day, they can change their life and their health.

We are born with intelligence, but with little information. We were born to listen to ourselves, we eat when we are hungry, we sleep when we are tired, we cry when we are uncomfortable, we scream when we are in danger. We lost these basic skills as we grew older. If we learn to be aware of what is going on with our energy, our body, our mind, our brain, then the next step is to restore the balance of our energy, mind and brain.

I have been quite successful in being able to incorporate Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other body movement into my patient care. This wholeness and integration / combination of treatments, teaching, and guiding, have brought my healthcare practice to a much higher level. The results: healing, learning, and personal development have changed many American’s life. I believe people need this kind integration in our health care, and it would save a lot of money and make more sense. What really matters in our life? It’s not a big house, not millions dollars in the bank, not the perfect job, not fame. It is our mind, our body, our brain, and our wellbeing. Because when you have these, you have everything.

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