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Amazing Results with Qi Gong!

I have had many health challenges. I have had radiation, chemotherapy, and four surgeries. All of this has resulted in me feeling tired to the point of limiting my enjoyment of life. The acupuncturist that I go to suggested three weeks ago that I should see Dr. Kuhn for Qi Gong instruction. I booked a private Qi Gong Session with Dr. Kuhn. After brief conversation she understood my situation right way. She gave me 3 Qi Gong instruction with clear explanation how it works, and ask me to practice daily. After our very first session which was difficult due to a recent lung surgery I was able to breathe longer without coughing. Our session is once a week; each week Dr. Kuhn gave me 3 Qi Gong to add to my daily practice. I practiced daily and after my second session with Dr. Kuhn I realized that my energy was greatly improved and my breathing almost normalized. I have continued to see other improvements in concentration, metal clarity and memory. Wow! I did not even expect so soon to get these results. I have just had my third session and want to share my good fortune. Thank you Dr. Kuhn. Margaret H.

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