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Chinese Medicine For Children

Seven years ago, a group pediatrician invited me to give a talk on Chinese medicine. The initial motivation for inviting me was that a 14 year old boy recovered so quickly from my treatment. This boy had arthritis which showed on X-Rays. Just after 5 visits, the X-Rays were back to normal. His pediatrician could not believe his own eyes and would like to know how it worked.


Children have a high healing ability if their energy channels

are open, and a lower healing ability if their energy channels are blocked. In their healing process, using Chinese medicine to open the energy channels, allows their bodies to enhance their own healing ability, therefore they recover a lot quicker than normal. Nowadays, our children take too much medication. Not only do the side effects cause problems in their adulthood, but it also prohibits their learning of natural health and natural healing. I have had many children visit my office and the majority of them got benefits from TCM care, some made a complete recovery. Children don’t necessarily have to have acupuncture treatment. They can get the same benefits from other hands-on therapies such as acupressure, Chinese massage, herbs, Qi Gong massage, etc.

I suggest to many parents that they should stop pushing medications onto their kids unless it is an urgent situation or severe case. Not only will they see a huge difference, however you will find a big difference in their lives as well. Share this information with a pediatrician, I am sure some of them are open minded and willing to learn this healing art.

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