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Chinese Medicine for Treating Lyme Disease

Its getting warmer and warmer outside and summer is coming soon. This means that the insects and ticks will be coming out as well. The potential of picking up these tiny critters exists throughout our country side, on our walking paths, and even in our very backyards. Adults, children and animals are all subject to picking them up along the way.

Often times, a tick bite will pose no major problem, but there is always the possibility that a tick may be the carrier of lyme disease and an even more recent discovery that they also may carry a virus which in some cases may develop serious complications.

If bitten, most peoples’ first instinct is to rush to the doctor for a blood test and antibiotics, expecting a cure. In some case, antibiotics will help while in other cases, they will not be effective. And then there are those that cannot tolerate the side effects of antibiotics, they then will “live in darkness” for a long time, with fatigue, nausea and flu symptoms. All this is unnecessary, they are not aware that Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating lyme disease.

The most important point for recover from Lyme disease in Chinese medicine is to boost immune system. When you have strong immune system, the bacteria in the blood tend to be quiet and cause no symptoms; just like virus, most virus cause no symptoms unless your immune system weak. Most treatments involved are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine; some people need Tui Na therapy. The goal of treatments is to help to promote Qi and blood circulation, smooth meridian pathway, harmonize organ energy and bring team work to organs, therefore, bring back normal immune system. Not only help lyme disease, but also help many illness from balanced immune system.

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