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The Cure For Brain Fog

Why do so many people complain about their “brain fog”? They say they are unable to focus, and unable to think clearly. Is there any cure for “brain fog”?

Yes, there is a cure for “brain fog”.

First of all, we need to understand why we have “brain fog”. Living and working in the modern world, our stress level is getting higher every year: losing jobs, losing houses, losing spouses, bills, retirement, too much to do at work, unable to focus, physical ailments, not having harmony at work or at home, dealing with children’s issues, dealing with elderly issues, too much going on in our lives, too many thoughts in our brain and on and on. All these things cause a traffic jam in our brain’s communication network. Our brain cells and brain communication network are tangled, our mind becomes unable to sort things out, and we sometimes make wrong decisions, or make mistakes at work. Our physical body becomes very tight, congested, and inflamed; our energy pathways are blocked, I call these symptoms a traffic jam. The blood flow to our organs and our brain is diminished; our muscles are aching and sore; our brain oxygen level is decreased.

In order to restore our brain health, the first thing we need to do is to bring more oxygen to our body and brain. To achieve this, we need to put in some effort, and make time to do Qi Gong, and some brain fitness exercises. Qi Gong involves deep breathing, body movements and stretching, and mind focus; all these help to bring more oxygen to the body and brain. You can do Qi Gong exercises for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes, it all depends on your availability. The key is to do it every day.

Next is brain fitness exercise. Brain fitness exercise helps to balance the whole brain. In my books “True Brain Fitness” and “True Brain Fitness Practice Guide”, I provide theory and a practice guide for brain health, and many exercise movements to help the reader achieve brain benefits, and help the brain sort out the issues that are jamming the communication network.

Both Qi Gong and Brain fitness exercise involve body movements, quieting your mind, and allowing your mind to rest, to rejuvenate, and reconstruct thoughts in logical way. For brain fitness exercise, I have produced some DVDs: “Rejuvenation”, and “Peaceful Journey”. These don’t take long to do, and they are easy and fun too. I also have a Qi Gong DVD: “Qi Gong for Regulating Nervous System”. If you use the computer all day long, these exercises can help you to prevent both physical issue (over use) and brain issue (stress related). You feel different right after you practice these exercises.

Here are some simple Qi Gong exercise steps for daily use. You can do these in the morning, or during the day between using computer, or any time you have, and any where you go:

1. Eagle Fly: inhale raise arm from side of the body above head, exhale lowering your arms. Repeat 10 times

2. Open and Close: place your palm in the front of your chest, palm facing palm; inhale move arm and hands to side of the body, exhale move palm back to front of the body. Repeat this 10 times.

3. Reach up: inhale raise left hand up as high as you can, exhale move down; inhale move right hand up as high as you can, exhale move hand down. Repeat this 10 times.

4. Bending forward: inhale move hands and arms up, exhale move arms, hands, and body down all the way until hands reach floor. Then slowly roll up.

5. Knock knock: make a fist, gentle hit arm, leg, and body for about 1 minute.

For DVD information, or my books, please visit:

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