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Building a Healthy Nation

Several weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny day, I rode my bike for 15 miles along the Charles River. Yet on another day, while ridding my bike to work, on a main road, just 7 miles from my home, I was almost hit by a car. This incident caused me to develop a fear about riding my bike on the main road. Bike riding has helped my hip Big Time! It has been very effective to ease my “Hip Dysphasia”. Riding my bike to work has a triple benefit: it saves gas, saves time, and is exercise. I then did a little math with the “IF” factor. I’d like to have you also do the math with me:

If we were to have bike paths along the main roads, where people can ride their bikes everywhere:

1. How much gas money would we save?

2. How much pollution would we reduce?

3. How much time would we save ourselves by getting our exercise this way?

4. How many doctors’ visits would we eliminate?

5. How many accidents would we prevent?

6. How much more daily energy would we experience?

7. How much on medical bills would we save?

8. How many more “Feeling Good” days would we have?

9. Would this help us to build a healthy nation?

I know we cannot change our situation overnight, but we certainly can start.

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