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Cancer Healing Natural Way

Very often people tell me that either a family member or a friend, or co-worker has, or had cancer. I automatically ask them if the cancer patient has tried Qi Gong, or tried getting treatment from a natural therapist. The answer 90% of the time is, ‘no’. I then curiously ask, “Why?” I actually know why already. They don’t believe that natural methods work, even when used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments or therapy.

I have been working with cancer patients (using natural methods) for the past 30 years. During this time, I have accumulated much wisdom in cancer healing. There are many things people are not aware of in cancer healing, and other healing. Cancer itself is not terrible. The terrible part is the cancer mindset: fear, anxiety, worries, confusion, depression, and over analyzing or over thinking. This chaotic mentality, and emotional state, causes more problems than the cancer itself. Cancer is curable if the mind is curable. A healthy mind helps you to choose the right therapies, to do the right exercises, to eat the right foods, and to do the right things for the body. This way you create smooth Qi flow in the body. The smooth Qi flow in the body creates harmonious organ teamwork that leads the body to healing. In addition, all these positive thoughts and behaviors help to strengthen the immune system. We know that a balanced immune system helps to prevent many illnesses, including cancer. On the other hand, cancer cannot be cured if your mind is not healthy, your Qi is blocked or weak, and your organ system is weak. A healthy mind does not mean you have to be stubborn, and strong Qi does not mean you need to have big muscles in your body. It is about internal strength and balance. To promote smooth Qi flow in the body, daily Qi Gong practice should be the first thing on your mind. I have seen the difference in my cancer patients. Some are healed with Qi Gong practice and natural therapy; some combine both traditional and holistic therapy and healed. Some have died from fear and worry that deplete their natural resources.

People are so afraid of trying new things other than obeying doctor orders to go through traditional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other drug therapy. Cancer victims frequently die, not from cancer, but from infection due to the weakened immune system that results from the body’s loosing fighting ability against cancer. Some cancer patients are healed, and this has a lot to do with having a better mindset and immune system. If you don’t try some other way, how do you know other things won’t work? I strongly suggest you try these new approaches. “Miracles” do happen and I have seen them in many cases. There are many people cured from cancer; some even without chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If you open your mind, keep your options open to natural medicine, you will understand why. Cancer is just a disease, like other illnesses that can be healed.

Fighting cancer is like a company doing business with strategy. Strictly using conventional chemotherapy or radiation therapy is like a company that has a great sales team without a good customer service team. If the products are 100% good quality you’ll never go wrong, the company may get by. But doing business without any customer care is a business risk, the company won’t last. With daily Qi Gong practice or natural therapy, it is like a customer service team for the company. It is like having a strong back bone in the body. A strong and balanced body is able to handle many changes, able to tolerant and adapt to whatever causes imbalance, such as chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. This not only helps to boost the immune system, but also helps to reduce the side effects from conventional therapy, as well as speed the cancer healing process.

What causes cancer?

We often think that cancer could be caused by certain chemicals, high power electric fields, certain fungus or mold, a certain bacteria or virus, etc. But even when we are exposed to these pathogens all the time, why do some people get cancer and others don’t? In Chinese medicine, things are viewed differently. As we know, the cancer tissue (tumor) is a very hard object; almost like a stone that doctor has to remove surgically. How does the normal tissue grow like a “stone”? TCM theory says that if the body stores stagnated Qi for a long time, and is not corrected, it causes blood stagnation. These stagnations cause tissues to become under-nourished and de-oxygenized, therefore the normal tissue becomes cancer tissue, or cancer cells can grow at an unexpected rate. (We all carry cancer cells, but they don’t make trouble for most of us). The blockages in the body also cause disharmony of the organ system and weaken the immune system. If the immune system is weak, a person with cancer might lose the ability to fight, and die in the end.

Many things can cause stagnation of the Qi, including: high stress, wrong diet, low mental tolerance, inactive lifestyle, mental restriction, overworked body and mind, excessive drinking and smoking, certain injuries not corrected, depression not corrected for long time, an introverted personality, or other illness not corrected early on. All these are pathogens that can cause stagnation of Qi and blood.

Preventative Tips:

1. Don’t let the stress in your daily life go on for too long, it can do a lot of damage later. We know that stress causes Qi stagnation, and stagnated Qi can cause cell mutation or tumors to grow at a rapid pace.

2. Create smooth Qi, keep the body in harmony or balance. Don’t let discomfort stay with you for too long. Some minor discomfort could be a beginning stage of cancer, you prefer to rule it out or get rid of it. No matter if you have cancer or don’t have cancer, daily practice of Qi Gong always gives you healing benefits, more than you know.

3. Develop healthy habits, such as a regular lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise, avoid over smoking or drinking.

4. Avoid using various chemicals for a long time.

5. Keep a positive outlook and attitude as much as you can. This may sound like it has no relation to cancer, but it actually has a great influence in preventing cancer

6. Laugh more, joke more. Laughing is a very good healing methodology. When you lose the laughing, you lose a big part of life. Laughing can also prevent depression, which is one of the biggest causes of cancer.

7. Do more outdoor activities or exercise, breath fresh air.

8. Keep moving, exercise is part of your life.

Natural Healing:

1. Diet: Maintaining a balanced stomach function is very important in cancer healing. If an oncologist tells you “You can eat anything you want”, that is totally wrong. Diet should be partially vegetarian, avoid over stuffing your stomach. Please see the many healthy recipes in my book “Simple Chinese Medicine”.

2. Build a healthy mind, don’t let anything interfere with your healing. In my classes I often say, “Think Positive, Talk Positive, Behave (or Act) Positive”. Also try to avoid being in a negative environment because a negative environment affects your energy.

3. Deal with depression as soon as possible; reduce stress as soon as possible. You can find many other useful tips in my book “Simple Chinese Medicine”.

4. Avoid using alcohol, smoking, over using chemicals and other pathogenic substances.

5. Get as much fresh air as possible.

6. Do Qi Gong daily. Even just 10 minutes practice a day can help you if you don’t have much time. I always tell people that you should always make time for your healthy activities. We have a special Qi Gong form for cancer healing “Qi Gong for Cancer Healing”, you can get the DVD from The healing form of Tai Chi “Tai Chi 16 Steps” can also be used for cancer healing.

7. Drink more water; you need 8 to 10 cups water per day. Listen to your body, which sometimes tells you, “drink more water”.

8. In my Tui Na training level III, one of the therapies that students will learn is “Cancer Prevention Therapy”. If you want to help someone who has cancer, you can come to my program to learn these hands on healing techniques.

9. Avoid over use of the body. Keep in mind to have a balanced lifestyle.

For more information, please visit 508-380-0449

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