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East Meets West


In light of current advances in modern medical technology we see a new relationship evolving between Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Plants, herbs and botanicals have been used by folk healers for thousands of years.

Today modern-day drug developers continue to rely on nature for leads and inspiration

in developing new drugs.

Large western pharmaceutical companies are searching for new medicinal and herbal sources for drugs and medicines to treat modern day illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, pulmonary and immune function diseases, etc. While Eastern practitioners of TCM are looking for ways to modernize and globalize Chinese Medicine.

As east meets west, we see a new breakthrough for the development of botanical drugs through pharmaceutical labs, both in the east and west, that are screening the 10,000+ Traditional Chinese medicines looking for ones that influence cancers and the immune system. Their research is coming up with valuable new prospects.

The positive side of all this will be an increasing awareness of the benefits of TCM

and the possibility in the future of safer drugs with fewer side effects becoming more readily available to the general public.

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